Episode 2 – The Yager Bunch

Synopsis for Episode 2: The Yagers have a full household of 5 people and 3 dogs, but only 1 bathroom! They are looking to sell their charming 3-bedroom house in El Cajon and move up to a bigger property! Husband Jay wants a work shop and an acre of land, son Cameron wants more room to play and everybody wants more than 1 bathroom! Selling their home is actually going to be the easy part. The challenge is trying to find a home they like, at a price they can afford, while simultaneously buying that house and selling the current one. This is a real challenge, but it’s one people face every day. Get your pen and paper ready, there is a LOT to learn on this show!

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Agents cast for Episode 2Daniel Buksa & Marsi Sampson, Lisa Gawf-Ruiz and Billy Colestock & Yesenia Nogales.

From left: Lisa Ruiz, Yesenia Nogales, Billy Colestock, Marsi Sampson, Daniel Buksa

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