Episode 5 – The Chicken House

Synopsis for Episode 5: The Trepaniers are empty-nested and ready to live it up, but need to sell their awesome 6-bedroom home in La Mesa, CA first! The home is amazing, with a huge kitchen, multiple living rooms and a back yard big enough for chickens! The chickens stick out in this episode for reasons you’ll quickly identify, but the big question is, will they go with the logical and some would even say obvious choice, the agent offering the lowest commissions, or take a chance on the agent who has big plans for fixing up the home.

Episode 5: The Chicken House (Full Show)

Russ & Suzie Trepanier, our Homeowners for Episode 5, having some fun on the day of the shoot 🙂

Agents cast for Episode 1Elizabeth Story, Frank Carpenter, and John Lieber.

John Lieber, Frank Carpenter and Elizabeth Story wait while Derrick Evens reads the name of the first agent eliminated from the show.

Check out the sneak peak at Episode 5 below

Our Episode 5 Homeowners about their experience on the Show!