Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we hear the most from Applicants during the casting process, but if you have a question and don’t see the answer here, just email us directly with the contact form below:

How do you pick the Agents for the Show? The goal of this show is to provide you with 3 Agents to choose from that are so obviously Great that you have a hard time even making the first elimination, much less picking a winner. We have a 3-Step process by which we first filter Agents by statistics looking for Agents who are more efficient than average and have experience selling properties similar to yours or in your area. Then we meet with them and make sure they are willing to go ABOVE and BEYOND to help our Stars of the Show achieve a great result in the sale of their home and potential purchase of the next one. Then, the remaining Agents will be narrowed down to just 3 based on how busy they are about a week before we start shooting. It’s important we find Agents who will have the time needed to give extra attention toward the sale of the Property for the Show. This is one of the keys to our success with this process.

What is the benefit for a Homeowner to do the Show? The benefits to the Homeowners in being on the Show, besides having an absolute BLAST during the process:
1. We do a lot of work in finding them 3 Great Agents to choose from…
2. We hold the Winner of the Show accountable to creating a great result for the Homeowners…
3. The Agent is motivated to not only make a great offer to the Homeowners in the process of winning them over, but also in making them a raving Fan since there is so much publicity involved. You just became the most important Client of their Career and we think that is the secret sauce!

Do we get any compensation? There is no money that exchanges hands amongst the parties involved in the show. This is a true Reality Show and everything that happens is 100% real – the way it would happen in reality. That said, if the show becomes Nationally Syndicated, every Homeowner participant will receive a royalty fee every time their show airs on National TV. This is our goal of course, but we cannot guarantee it. A very nice cherry on top though unless you hate money!

What if we want help but don’t want to be on TV? The goal of this show is to help every Applicant, whether you want to be on Television or not. Our Host, long time Consumer Finance Advocate Derrick Evens, personally works with every applicant to help find solutions and provide ideas/options 100% for FREE.

What kind of Homeowners are you looking for? We are looking for situations where we believe that doing the show will produce a better result for you than any other situation would provide. If it seems challenging in any way, that’s a plus. If you’re in an area we haven’t covered, that’s a plus. If you are a lot of FUN, that’s a huge plus! Timing and a few other things come in to consideration, but if you’re interested at this point, go ahead and apply so we can chat further.

Do the Agents lower their commissions? That is completely up to the Agents. We do not mandate anything in that regard. This show is 100% real, so the conversations about commissions and offerings happens just like it would in reality. However, because of the competitive nature of the show, the Agents will tend to offer a lot more value than they would otherwise to our Homeowners.

Is there any kind of obligation? The only obligation, once under contract with the show, is that you list the home with the agent whom won the show. However, if you don’t receive any offer you like, you never have to accept or make any decisions based on what’s best for the show. Our goal is to help make your dreams come true and we’ll never get in the way of that.

How quickly can we get started if we are chosen? We are never in a hurry on our end, but we can get things moving within 3 weeks of contract execution if you are in a hurry on your end. It takes at least that long to properly cast the show, which is the most important part for both you and the show Producers.

How long does filming take? The majority of filming is done in one long day at your residence. We arrive at 8am and leave around 5-6pm that day. The remaining elements of the show will be filmed at a later date and/or as the process moves forward. We do film on the weekends as we know most of our Homeowners prefer that to taking a vacation day from work.